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Academy Mission

“Our goal is to create a junior golf academy environment that is inspiring and motivating, providing the structure and tools to allow our students to reach their full potential.”

-Gary Gilchrist

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Success is not guaranteed. It is a road with infinite twists and turns, unforeseen obstacles and surprises. It is a path within the grasp of anyone who has the discipline desire and determination to embrace the journey and persevere above all else.


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Thrive In Adversity

And while there are no guarantees, traveling this journey with someone who has navigated the pitfalls, seen the top of the mountain and knows what it takes to not only survive the journey but thrive in the face of adversity, is the closest you can come to certainty.


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Reach Your Dream

At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, our first priority is to learn about each of YOU. We want to know about your dreams, your goals, your fears, and your strengths. Success is a journey, not a destination.


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What works for you?

Every individual is unique with their own personality, style, beliefs, and values that give meaning to the world around us. Knowing that everyone is different, we have created a personal approach to golf development.

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GGGA Approach

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No matter which program you attend at the GGGA, our holistic approach gives each student the confidence to improve and ultimately the opportunity to be your very best self.