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The Gary Gilchrist

Training Philosophy

At GGGA, our training is personally overseen and directed by Gary Gilchrist and intensive with incredible attention to detail. The learn, prepare and perform model is the foundation of the golf program and player development. The focus is on training and preparing for the ultimate objective: peak performance in competition.

Gary Gilchrist has developed a specialized training program to accelerate student development and achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

Train like a champion

Our Success Method

Gary and the GGGA Team believe strongly in the science of achievement, which is the mechanics of training, combined with the art of fulfillment, which is the ability to enjoy the process and find appreciation in the journey.  This is not always easy for juniors especially, but we believe that the holistic approach is what builds champions, in golf and in life.

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Programs & Training

Full Time
Junior Program

Juniors attend the Full-Time Junior Program at GGGA because they want to be the best, train with the best and be around other juniors to push them to new heights.

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Post Graduate Programs

Our program utilizes the gap year to prepare students technically, physically and mentally to reach their full potential and excel in college or pro golf. 

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Training Camps

Golf camps teach the fundamentals as well as mental & fitness performance aspects. Experience GGGA’s “Train Like a Champion” training system.

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Adult Training

GGGA offers several different options for adults to ‘Train Like a Champion’. Whether you wish to bring a group of friends, receive an individual program or have a corporate outing, GGGA can help take your game to the next level.

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Online &
Custom Training

Custom training is offered year round. Let us customize a training program that will focus on your specific training needs. Create your program today.

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Tour Prep Training

Tour Prep Programs are custom designed to the needs of each player. Please contact one of our program advisors so we can create a program that will suit your schedule and goals.

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Method For Success

Our Holistic Approach

At GGGA, our holistic approach is what elevates each student to the best of their ability. We do not teach a swing method, but coach individuals by focusing on the 5 key areas of development:

  • Technical
  • Fitness
  • Mental
  • Strategy
  • Personal

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