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gary gilchrist - summer golf camps

All of our summer camp students want to improve their golf game but going from good to great means more than just technical training. The GGGA Summer Golf Camp program is modeled off our Full-Time Junior Program and incorporates golf technical training with mental training, fitness training and on-course strategy.

Students build confidence through a series of proven drills and strategies and utilize video analysis to discover areas for improvement during their stay at GGGA Summer Camp. Students staying multiple weeks for Summer Golf Camp at GGGA have the opportunity to build on their progress and build new and better habits.

All training sessions are carried out at our world-class facilities, and each athlete’s level of progress and performance are closely monitored by our team of certified coaches. Technical phase specifics will vary depending on each student’s individual needs, and focuses on all areas of the game.

Technical training

gary gilchrist golf academy - training at summer golf campThe technical training element challenges students to reach new heights in their game.

GGGA Summer Golf Camp students train in small groups of 6-8 students and work through their individual development plans with their coach all the while competing against the other students in their group. Coaches and students stick to their plan with a systematic approach, making sure all points are addressed and changes are made when needed.

Students are initially videoed so that the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy team can assign individual drills for each student to work on their full swing, short game and putting. By utilizing Gary Gilchrist’s innovative motion drills and corresponding fitness elements, students build confidence while playing by instantly showing a difference; knowing they have the ability to work through a challenge is paramount to playing like a champion.

Mental training

gary gilchrist golf academy - mental training at summer golf campDeveloping a champion mindset is the difference between playing golf the best you can and playing golf at the best you are capable of. Thinking like a champion only accelerates physical and technical development.

Mental training is incorporated throughout summer camp training. Our mental coaching team works closely with each student on their pre and post-shot routines as well as on-course strategy. Students also work off the course on their mental game during classroom sessions as they learn about what it takes to reach and maintain optimal performance. 1-on-1 sessions with GGGA’s mental training coaches are also available upon request.

Fitness training

gary gilchrist golf academy - fitness training at summer golf campFitness is essential for building a champion golfer. The fitness element of Summer Golf Camps at GGGA gives students a beginners understanding of how to prepare the body for golf both functionally and through conditioning. At the National Training Center, our coaches and the NTC team are focused on preventing injuries and preparing the body for performing the golf swing. Students will train with the same coaches who train many Olympic athletes who are based in the Clermont area, such as Tyson Gay of the U.S. Track & Field Team.

Students will learn to improve their:

  • stability, balance and mobility
  • strength
  • rotational power
  • durable upper and lower body separation
  • flexibility

Training with Gary is amazing. He has a simple approach. He is so knowledgeable and makes the game easy to understand. He is so talented at identifying a player’s potential – finding a players strengths and weaknesses. He has this ability to really create a huge belief in yourself.

Image of Matt Fry <br />Full-Time Junior Program<br />2009-2010
Matt Fry
Full-Time Junior Program

My experience at GGGA changed my life. It allowed me to chase my dream of becoming a college golfer. As a Post-Graduate, I was able to focus on my game everyday with the most motivated and best coaches in the country. The most important lesson I learned at the academy was how to win. I won two FCWT events in my year at GGGA!

Image of Niko Voutsaras (USA) <br />2015-2016 Post-Graduate
Niko Voutsaras (USA)
2015-2016 Post-Graduate

Gary is great at coaching all aspects of the game: swing, short game, mental training and on course. In the beginning everybody was so nervous and worried about me and Gary was the one to tell everyone to be patient and that gave me time to learn. Being taught by Gary is not just only being like good coach but good friend.

Image of Shanshan Feng (China)<br /> Gary Gilchrist Pro
Shanshan Feng (China)
Gary Gilchrist Pro

My time spent at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy was the greatest gift my parents could have given me to help me achieve my goals in golf. The GGGA training philosophy instilled in me hard work, taught me to identify course strategy and gave me the mental and physical fortitude to stay in the game. My success and next step in golf is due to my time at GGGA.

Image of Adam Friedman <br /> Full-Time Junior Program  <br /> 2013 - 2016
Adam Friedman
Full-Time Junior Program
2013 - 2016

I’ve known Gary forever, I just think it’s a great fit. I love the way he teaches the game, love the way he gets in and can show me, and he’s definitely made it very fun for me. We have made a lot of changes, but they’re worth it, and I believe in it.

Image of Paula Creamer <br />  
Paula Creamer

I have had the greatest time of my golf career at GGGA. I can say that this academy is definitely the path to my success. My dreams feel closer every day and I am sure it is because of my great coaching team.

Image of Isabella Cardenas (Colombia)<br />Full-Time Junior Program 2015 - 2017
Isabella Cardenas (Colombia)
Full-Time Junior Program 2015 - 2017
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