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Custom Training

Half Day and Weekly Training Programs

Half Day and Weekly training programs at GGGA provide world-class golf instruction experience in an environment that is fun, competitive, and nurturing for the junior golf athlete. Training programs range from $995 to $2,500* per week. *Returning students – contact your program advisor for a special returner rate ( Choose from Half Day Programs or Weekly Programs:

Half Day Training Options

Half Day Training: Non-Boarding

Non-Boarding Students Only.

Juniors between the ages of 6-16 will love this half-day morning training. This program is a great introduction to the game of golf for the beginner level. Let our expert coaches help teach your son or daughter proper fundamentals. Half day camps focus on the setup in all areas of the game. Training groups are based on skill level. The weekly training is Monday through Friday, 9am – 12pm. Lunch is included at the end of training each day.

– Putting, Chipping and Pitching focused on Grip, Posture, Alignment, and Ball Position
– Full Swing including the first 3 steps: Move away, Top of the Backswing, and Finish
– On Course Lesson learning About the Course, Rules and Etiquette, Keeping Score
– Drills and Competitions to keep the practice fun and challenging
– Drawstring backpack, GGGA t-shirt, hat, towel, and water bottle


Weekly Training Programs

Week Long Training Program: Boarding and Non-Boarding

Boarding and Non-Boarding Students.

Whether your athlete is just starting or has been playing for a few years, the week long golf training is customized to each student’s skill level.  Gary Gilchrist has developed a specialized training program to accelerate student development and achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time. Weekly golf camps at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy provide a great learning environment for junior golfers to learn how to improve their fundamentals and train to play the game at a higher level.

Full Day training includes:
Gilchrist’s “Train Like a Champion” training system at GGGA’s world-class facility near Orlando, Florida
Swing video analysis, development plan, and golf instruction
Full Swing including all 6 steps: Move away, Halfway Back, Top of the Backswing, Transition, Impact, and Finish
Bunker Play and Putting improving the Grip, Posture, Alignment, Ball Position, Reading Greens, and Distance Control
Chipping, Pitching and Lob Shots focused on Technique, Distance Control, Trajectory, and Slope Training
Golf-specific fitness training improving Core Strength, Mobility, Flexibility, and Nutrition
“Think Like a Champion” Mental Training Program
Daily afternoon On-Course Lessons including Club Selection, Finding Yardages, Reading Greens
GGGA Golf Bag, drawstring backpack, T-shirt, hat, towel, water bottle, and certificate of completion

Multiple Week Training Program: Boarding and Non-Boarding

Boarding and Non-Boarding Students.

Develop your individual golf training plan, implement the plan, make improvements and then continue your progress.  Coming to GGGA for more than one week will advance your development by building muscle memory, increasing your comfort level, help you leave with a better understanding of what you learn, and confidence in your development plan.  

Weekly training programs range from $995 to $2,500 per week.

Any combination of 2 or more training weeks throughout the year.  Weeks must be used within one calendar year of purchase and do not have to be used consecutively.  (example – two weeks in December, one week in March, three weeks in summer)

Need help deciding what training program is best for you?

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Make your training count.


Add-On Training Options

Fitness Training Add-Ons

GGGA Fit believes that movement is a skill and our fitness programs are designed to support and enhance our technical training programs. The Golf Fitness Team is excited to offer additional programming to interested students wishing to increase their level of performance. In each program, the student will meet one-on-one with a member of our fitness training staff for a more in-depth screening and evaluation experience, with the purposes of creating a fitness plan that each student can utilize when they return home.

For the junior golfer to address “Bad Posture” in the early stages of their development. Our screening process can identify areas of bad posture compensation and then prescribe corrective exercises fixing a potential problem before it leads to injury.

*Core Region Strength Screening
*Posture Grid Analysis and Correspondence
*Corrective Exercise Strength Regimen (body weight)
* 6 individualized Edufii corrective exercises

Cost: $125

For the junior golfer to understand the way they think about movement. Golfers have to have the ability to anticipate the way they use the ground for speed and balance, for the purposes of stability and mobility.

*Core Region Strength Screening
*Posture Grid Analysis and Correspondence
*Corrective Exercise Strength Regimen (body weight)
*Biomechanics Video Analysis
*BMI-Body Fat Testing
*Flexibility Screening

Cost: $325


For the junior golfer to understand their own physical limitation within technical training. We believe that confidence comes from consistent movement patterns.

*Core Region Strength Screening
*Posture Grid Analysis and Correspondence
*Corrective Exercise Strength regimen (body weight)
*Biomechanics Video Analysis
*BMI-Body Fat Testing
*Flexibility Screening
*Swing Analysis (physical assessment)
*Edufii Correspondence

Cost: $400

Mental Training Add-Ons

The Mental Training Team is excited to offer additional programming to those students wishing to improve further in the mental aspects of their game. In each program, the student will meet one-on- one with a member of our mental training staff to develop a better understanding of their mental game, personalized mental strategies and how they relate to on-course performance. Programs are tiered in a strategic order to maximize learning and enhance effectiveness.

The Mental Golf Workshop Profile is an assessment that provides golfers with a complete understanding of how their personality relates to golf. The profile teaches each golfer how to maximize their mental approach during practice and competition. It also provides specific strategies to help with every aspect of the golfer’s mental game.

Cost: $125

A strategic pre-shot routine helps golfers transfer what they have learned in practice to the course and gets the mind/body ready prior to every shot. In this program, you will develop a personalized pre-shot routine and post-shot routine that fits your game and personality by working one-on-one with a mental performance coach. You will leave with a detailed plan to guide you with your understanding of how to achieve your best results.

Cost: $200

A personal on-course Strategy Session will provide you with an opportunity to work on your mental game where it matters most, the golf course. Strategy is the key to player performance and in this session, the player will combine the techniques learned and implement these into their routine and strategy on the golf course.

At the completion of the round, a personalized strategic outline will be developed and posted to EDUFII as part of the student’s ongoing improvement plan.

Cost: $300


Training with Gary is amazing. He has a simple approach. He is so knowledgeable and makes the game easy to understand. He is so talented at identifying a player’s potential – finding a players strengths and weaknesses. He has this ability to really create a huge belief in yourself.

Image of Matt Fry <br />Full-Time Junior Program<br />2009-2010
Matt Fry
Full-Time Junior Program

My experience at GGGA changed my life. It allowed me to chase my dream of becoming a college golfer. As a Post-Graduate, I was able to focus on my game everyday with the most motivated and best coaches in the country. The most important lesson I learned at the academy was how to win. I won two FCWT events in my year at GGGA!

Image of Niko Voutsaras (USA) <br />2015-2016 Post-Graduate
Niko Voutsaras (USA)
2015-2016 Post-Graduate

Gary is great at coaching all aspects of the game: swing, short game, mental training and on course. In the beginning everybody was so nervous and worried about me and Gary was the one to tell everyone to be patient and that gave me time to learn. Being taught by Gary is not just only being like good coach but good friend.

Image of Shanshan Feng (China)<br /> Gary Gilchrist Pro
Shanshan Feng (China)
Gary Gilchrist Pro

My time spent at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy was the greatest gift my parents could have given me to help me achieve my goals in golf. The GGGA training philosophy instilled in me hard work, taught me to identify course strategy and gave me the mental and physical fortitude to stay in the game. My success and next step in golf is due to my time at GGGA.

Image of Adam Friedman <br /> Full-Time Junior Program  <br /> 2013 - 2016
Adam Friedman
Full-Time Junior Program
2013 - 2016

I’ve known Gary forever, I just think it’s a great fit. I love the way he teaches the game, love the way he gets in and can show me, and he’s definitely made it very fun for me. We have made a lot of changes, but they’re worth it, and I believe in it.

Image of Paula Creamer <br />  
Paula Creamer

I have had the greatest time of my golf career at GGGA. I can say that this academy is definitely the path to my success. My dreams feel closer every day and I am sure it is because of my great coaching team.

Image of Isabella Cardenas (Colombia)<br />Full-Time Junior Program 2015 - 2017
Isabella Cardenas (Colombia)
Full-Time Junior Program 2015 - 2017
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