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Custom golf club fitting is important for all golfers, no matter the skill level. Having the right equipment not only maximizes good golf swings but also minimizes the bad ones.

That’s why we have all the latest and greatest equipment at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, so all our students can shoot lower scores and reach their full potential. The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy is only one of eight certified Trackman facilities in the state of Florida.

Custom club fitting services are available to all GGGA students. For more information on club fitting or to schedule an appointment, email us at

What a club fitter looks for

Club fitting services available at GGGA:

  • Re-Gripping
  • Re-Shafting (Including Bore Thru and Composite Materials)
  • Putter Fitting / Loft / Lie Adjustment
  • Loft and Lie Fitting and Adjustment (Dynamic Fitting)
  • Extending / Shortening of Length
  • Spine / Flow Matching
  • Bounce Grinding
  • Frequency Matching
  • Swing Weight Adjustment
  • Custom Letter / Number Hand Stamping
  • Custom Paint Fill

There are five attributes a club fitter looks for when fitting a player for custom clubs: loft, lie, shaft flex, club length and weight (total weight and swing weight). These readings are than accompanied with data collected from a launch monitor (spin rate, launch angle and ball speed) to make a determination for custom fit clubs.

Training with Gary is amazing. He has a simple approach. He is so knowledgeable and makes the game easy to understand. He is so talented at identifying a player’s potential – finding a players strengths and weaknesses. He has this ability to really create a huge belief in yourself.

Image of Matt Fry <br />Full-Time Junior Program<br />2009-2010
Matt Fry
Full-Time Junior Program

My experience at GGGA changed my life. It allowed me to chase my dream of becoming a college golfer. As a Post-Graduate, I was able to focus on my game everyday with the most motivated and best coaches in the country. The most important lesson I learned at the academy was how to win. I won two FCWT events in my year at GGGA!

Image of Niko Voutsaras (USA) <br />2015-2016 Post-Graduate
Niko Voutsaras (USA)
2015-2016 Post-Graduate

Gary is great at coaching all aspects of the game: swing, short game, mental training and on course. In the beginning everybody was so nervous and worried about me and Gary was the one to tell everyone to be patient and that gave me time to learn. Being taught by Gary is not just only being like good coach but good friend.

Image of Shanshan Feng (China)<br /> Gary Gilchrist Pro
Shanshan Feng (China)
Gary Gilchrist Pro

My time spent at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy was the greatest gift my parents could have given me to help me achieve my goals in golf. The GGGA training philosophy instilled in me hard work, taught me to identify course strategy and gave me the mental and physical fortitude to stay in the game. My success and next step in golf is due to my time at GGGA.

Image of Adam Friedman <br /> Full-Time Junior Program  <br /> 2013 - 2016
Adam Friedman
Full-Time Junior Program
2013 - 2016

I’ve known Gary forever, I just think it’s a great fit. I love the way he teaches the game, love the way he gets in and can show me, and he’s definitely made it very fun for me. We have made a lot of changes, but they’re worth it, and I believe in it.

Image of Paula Creamer <br />  
Paula Creamer

I have had the greatest time of my golf career at GGGA. I can say that this academy is definitely the path to my success. My dreams feel closer every day and I am sure it is because of my great coaching team.

Image of Isabella Cardenas (Colombia)<br />Full-Time Junior Program 2015 - 2017
Isabella Cardenas (Colombia)
Full-Time Junior Program 2015 - 2017
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