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Craig Andrews
Range Assistant

NAME:  Craig Andrews

AGE:  63

HOMETOWN:  Erie, Pennsylvania

COLLEGE ATTENDED: University of Central Florida

MAJOR COACHING QUALIFICATIONS / EDUCATION:  Degree in Humanities and Fine Arts, Spanish

Craig joined the GGGA team in the summer of 2008 after transitioning to the golf industry from the Education field, where he taught Spanish and Geometry.  His Bilingual skill set, nurturing and caring personality, accompanied by his passion for students and golf make Craig an invaluable member of the GGGA Team. Growing up in a military family, Craig was fortunate enough to travel the world living and learning from numerous cultures along the way. Craig’s passion for language and especially Spanish started while living in Spain. Craig was born into a family with a strong background in golf, his Grandfather built the Lake Shore Country Club in 1929. Lake Shore is the site where Craig’s passion for golf began at a very early age.

What I enjoy most about working at GGGA is that there is always a sense of excitement in the air each and every day at the Academy. I enjoy seeing young players arriving at GGGA on a daily basis with a desire to become the best and this makes me think to myself that they are in the perfect place. Gary’s commitment to the students at GGGA is something that is vary rare and I feel proud to be a part of this every day at  GGGA.

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