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Our Mission


At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, our mission is to provide the best junior golf academy environment that allows junior golfers to reach their true potential.

Every individual is unique though. We all have a unique personality style, beliefs and values that give meaning to the world around us.

Knowing that everyone is different, we have created a unique approach to athletic development, which is personally overseen and directed by Gary Gilchrist, and no matter which program you attend at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we will adopt this holistic approach to give you the ultimate opportunity to be your best.

Our purpose is to build golf skills: technical, mental, strategic and physical, and to build character, producing well rounded and balanced individuals.

“Our goal is to create a junior golf academy environment that is inspiring and motivating, providing the structure and tools to allow our students to reach their full potential.”

Although many of our golf programs are delivered in-group training, we believe in individualized plans for improvement, creating custom training programs for each student based on their individual needs and goals. We get to know our students, their strengths and talents, as well as the areas that hold them back from being their best.

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