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PLUS + MINUS + PLUS to Improve Your Game

At Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we train our students in 5 different areas: technical, fitness, strategy, mental, and personal. While each area is important, it takes the right combination of each for golfers to reach their full potential.

The Mental Training Program is the golf psychology component that focuses on body language, routines and managing self-talk so that each player can build confidence. Then when it’s time to compete, a player can prepare mentally to win by working on strategy on the course and sticking to their game plan.


PLUS + MINUS + PLUS is a brief but important mental self-awareness action that we perform daily with the students at GGGA. It can be used to critique training, on-course practice, or any activity.

Performing a PLUS + MINUS + PLUS is the review of a goal, plan, or process performed within a determined time frame. The objective is to analyze, prioritize, and prepare a solution/ plan as follows.

PLUS – What thought, goal, or plan did you execute well during the predetermined period of the review?

MINUS – What process, performance, or outcome goal did you perform that met with challenges or did not meet expectations?

PLUS – With regard to the aforementioned Minus, what is the solution in order to create an improved outcome? Set short term goals in order to create a results oriented plan. For the best results, set benchmark goals to achieve.


Training and practicing the right way builds confidence in the player, which will help them improve their scores in competition. GGGA offer training options to help junior golfers, adults, and professionals reach their goals in golf overcome their biggest obstacles.

By Gary Wise, Mental Performance Specialist, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy (

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