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Fall 2015 Enrollment

Early enrollment deadline – May 15, 2015

Final enrollment deadline – July 15, 2015

Spring 2016 Enrollment

Early enrollment deadline – Sept. 15, 2015

Final enrollment deadline – Nov. 15, 2015

The road to college golf begins here with the Full Time Junior Golf Program at the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy. Personally overseen and directed by Gary Gilchrist, the Full Time Junior Program is an immersive experience, set to prepare students for competitive tournament play so they can thrive at the junior, collegiate and professional levels. Knowing champions are built and not just born, we at GGGA put particularly careful thought into the junior experience here at our junior golf academy to create the world’s elite golf programs for juniors. Within the Full Time Junior Program, Gilchrist directs the development for and is the lead coach for each student. The program is an all-day, year-long junior golf program (August thru June) — also available by Fall or Spring semester — that integrates academics, golf, fitness and mental training with personal development. Students are setting the course for the rest of their lives during their formative high school years, and we believe it is vital to develop our student’s character as well as their golf game. Students attending a junior golf academy have the opportunity to take their game to amazing heights, working regularly with Gary Gilchrist and the GGGA Team. It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” training regimen when teaching students how to play golf like a champion.  Within a group training environment, GGGA has created a golf program for juniors with individualized development plans for each student to improve their game. We know how important each student’s diverse culture, experience and personality is, and we are committed to creating the proper blueprints that helps each student reach their potential.


At GGGA, we believe strongly in a united coaching approach to support consistency in our junior golf program through 5 focused areas of training: technical, mental, fitness, strategy and personal development. Upon arrival, students are evaluated technically, mentally and physically to determine their strengths and areas of opportunity, utilizing 3-D and 2-D swing analysis technology.  Major emphasis is placed on adapting the program to each student’s individual needs.  The program’s goal is to develop well-trained, confident, athletic competitors who excel in the competitive arena. Once evaluated, a strategic, one of a kind training plan will be made for each student. Within a small group setting, students train, working through their development plans with the GGGA team on a daily basis. To learn more about training at GGGA see the links below:

  • Education + Golf

    The road to college golf also means preparing with a quality education. GGGA’s educational partner Montverde Academy, a private college prep school, prepares students for getting into the college they dream and desire. Learn More

  • Education + Golf

    If you’re planning to play at the collegiate level – Oklahoma State, Duke or any Division I, Division II or Division III program – you have to keep your mind sharp and your grades up because the best college programs demand well-educated students. The important thing is finding the best fit for each student academically and athletically. GGGA can guide each student through the college and recruiting process with the College Assistance Program. Learn More


  • Holistic and customized training program taught by Gary Gilchrist and the GGGA team
  • On range and on course training 5 days a week (full year or by semester)
  • Overall assessment of the student’s current ability, featuring the use of state-of-the-art 3-D and 2-D swing analysis technologies
  • Personalized mental and fitness training programs
  • Use of all academy ranges and instructional facilities 7-days a week
  • Condominium accommodations with a maximum of 2 students per room, accommodations are spacious and feel like home
  • Healthy meals daily at the GGGA dining hall to ensure proper nutrition for our students
  • Full time supervision by GGGA houseparents
  • Daily transportation to and from school, and to the driving range
  • Assistance with tournament schedules and competitive experience
  • If you are an international student (Non U.S. citizen or resident) please see our visa procedures for information and requirements.