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In an effort to provide a fair and consistent program to alumni, GGGA has developed the Alumni Program, allowing students to return to our campus and utilize the facilities or work with a GGGA coach according to their individual training needs with the following options:

  • Golf Course and Range – Discounted golf rate of $45 per 18-holes including cart with free unlimited use of the range.
  • Half Day Training with GGGA coach (non boarding/limited to AM)
  • 2-Day Weekend Training (2 nights boarding, Friday and Saturday night) Transportation not included. For alumni students interested in spending a weekend at GGGA this is the ideal program.
  • Friday afternoon: Practice or play with the group (optional based on arrival time)
  • Saturday AM: Time on the range one-on-one with senior GGGA coach
  • Saturday PM: Individual practice or golf course
  • Sunday AM: 18-holes at Mission Inn
  • Sunday PM: depart


To learn more or book your program, please email us at

  • Morgan Hoffmann – Class of 2008, Oklahoma State, turned pro 2011
  • Tim Gornik – Class of 2009, Duke University
  • Radolfo Cazuban – Class of 2010, University of North Texas
  • Joaquin Lolas – Class of 2010, Florida State University
  • Patrick Winther – Class of 2010, Oklahoma State
  • Nicholas Reach – Class of 2011, University of Georgia
  • Monifa Sealy – Class of 2011, University of Central Florida
  • Jason Roets – Class of 2011, University of North Texas
  • Maxime Blandin – Class of 2012, Southern Methodist University
  • Jamie Yun – Class of 2012, Auburn University
  • Anna Sophia Bohmer – Class of 2013, Florida State University
  • Luis Media – Class of 2013, New Mexico State University