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GGGA Student Roets Recaps PGA Tour Debut
By GGGA Team on March 25, 2011

After a tough first round at the PGA Tour Puerto Rico Open – mainly due to the front nine – I knew that a strong post-round routine would be key for me. My post-round practice and mental evaluation were all positive, and I spent time thinking about my goals to get me mentally prepared for… Read more »

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Roets PGA Tour Puerto Rico Tracker
By GGGA Team on March 9, 2011

GGGA student Jason Roets is down in Puerto Rico this week, soaking up the life of a PGA Tour player, off his exemption for winning the AJGA Puerto Rico Junior Open in January. Roets, 18, of Johannesburg, South Africa, will be blogging about his experience at the PGA Tour’s Puerto Rico Open throughout the week. The… Read more »

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Tips for Hitting Bunker Shots
By GGGA Team on March 2, 2011

When your faced with hitting a bunker shot, the most important thing to remember is to open the face of the club before gripping it. Begin with a wider stance, your weight slightly favoring the left side. The ball is forward in your stance, and your body is open with the knees flexed toward the… Read more »

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